Landscape Design


Looking to redo your landscape and need a comprehensive design to follow? The Gardeness does on-site visits, and creates hand-drawn plans, along with detailed plant lists to fit every individual location’s needs. Whether you plan to complete the installation yourself or have another contractor bring the design to reality, your space will be transformed into what you envision.

Design process:

Designs are only completed during the “in between” seasons when seasonal containers are not being planted. We can either create a design for you in the summer, or the winter. Unfortunately they can not be created during our busy spring, and fall planting rush. This works out perfectly though, as the designs created over summer are typically finished for fall planting, and the designs created over winter are finished in time for spring planting, which are the two best seasons to install a new garden or landscape.

Levels of design:

Currently there are two levels of design offered. A sketch design and a full design package. Both levels of design have two consultations, the initial one where I come out to discuss the project with you, see the site, and get measurements, and the finial one where I drop off the design and go over the project with you. Both designs come with a plant list that includes images and quantities of plants. The sketch design is best for foundation gardens that don’t have much depth, while the full design package is best for larger areas that will likely require multiple stages to complete the project.

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